Illusion or trick of mind

I love optical illusions. I can spend days just looking at them because they fascinate me. Our worldview, as it were, is constrained by our senses. What is physical and what is not. Descartes obviously had something to say about that. Yet, I am a firm believer of the tangible.

But once in a while, science and physical senses cannot seem to prove what is not there. If it does, it seems out of whack with our senses.

Take for example this

The dragon is merely a paper foldup. Yet, it seems to follow you whereever you look at it. Freaky but the explanation, according to this guy, is that we misperceive the dragon’s shape. Check his post here

Anyway, if we cannot trust our senses, what can we trust?


About onedimensionalman

An average 20 something year-old living in Singapore and despairing over the state of my home, where economics, not politics, is top dog. It is, in fact, ultra-capitalist corporation masquerading as a nation where citizens have limited rights and much responsibility. While I support being accountable for one's speech, I prefer to remain anonymous for now. The work that I do makes it very difficult for me to reveal my name. Hopefully this project will continue for years to come, until I have finally changed my job.

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  1. What about this illusion then?

    A beauty.

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