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I want his lawyers!

If I ever get embroiled in a billion dollar fraud scam in a huge bank, I want Jerome Kerviel’s lawyers.


New Year’s resolutions

I usually avoid doing these but last night after thinking about it with the wifey I decided to list a few things that I want to do in 2008. The risk, I realised after I voiced them out, is that since resolutions are always not fulfilled, I might actually destroy these to-do things by making them resolutions. Make sense? I guessed not.

Anyhow, these are the resolutions for the whole world to see. You know, how Web 2.0 has enabled many to many, in my case one to two? haha Indeed, by making myself accountable to 3 readers in this world, my wife, me and a kind soul who actually commented on this blog, I will fulfill these resolutionns. right.

1) Get in shape – run more (I was about to write thrice a week but that would just be lying) and hitting the gym

2) Brushing up on my mandarin

3) Be nice to my mother
4) Blog more

4) Be good to my wife, not that I’m not of course. But I could be better in some ways.

So there. I’ve listed them down. Now I’ll just try for 1 week and then forget about them for the rest of the year. I stumbled upon this .

I thought it was quite funny. I mean people break their resolutions so much that even the state has to help out now.

I wanted to say something intelligent about resolutions but…I won’t bother to embarrass myself